“Boho” culture appeared -in the early 19th century in France- by romantic and free-spirited artists who don’t know any limits and whose world is their own creation. The boho look which owed much to the hippie styles became especially popular in our time and it is loved by fashion designers.

Groom bohemian style is the new look that all men want to achieve the best day of their life. The Weddingnafplio.com absolutely loves boho chic clothing! So much so we decided to show the best unconventional style images for cool guys, who know what “boho” style means. We have prepared some chic and bold boho groom looks that will inspire you.

Patterns and colors are injected in a bold and expressive manner. Fabrics are natural and unfussy. Details carry a vintage charm and accessories are artisanal and aplenty. Still don’t get it? Let us show you. Stay away from the swirly waistcoats and satin cravats with these stylish options. Colorful waistcoat, well-done jackets, pants, a checked shirt and a vintage floral tie for a cooler wedding look.

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Image Sources https://unsplash.com

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