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Destination Weddings Packages

Destination Wedding Packages

Your adult life as an individual has some very special milestones, like your graduation day, you first job or your first car. Alongside with your individual achievements, your adult life includes the “hunt” for your special other half,  the person you choose to share feelings, ideas, moments and create your own family to live happy moments to fill your soul with joy! is the best partner to assist you in the first, major milestone of your non-individual life, your wedding, by organizing every detail of this day and host your honored guests with style!

If you are thinking about getting married in Greece, discover the best destination wedding packages and choose the most suitable for you or you may contact us and design step-by-step your own custom wedding package!

Destination wedding in Greece; Nafplio, Argolis

A little paradise awaits you in the bays of the Argosaronic, ideal for you destination wedding in Greece! Idyllic locales with gold embroidered sands, beaches with light-blue waters and little chapels, forgotten as the time goes by, full of romanticism. Traditional wineries drunk with the scent of the aged wines and the history pervaded all around the place, stoned forts of another era full of mystery or even in any place of your interest. Given your own distinctive identity and unique demeanor, Nafplio promises to leave you with lively images and unparalleled sensations that are going to stay permanently in your mind and never regret the selection of Nafplio, as the city for your destination wedding in Greece!

“Nobility” and “magical landscapes” are some of the words that suit a town like Nafplio. Through its long history and its Venetian beauty, Nafplio is ready to welcome you and offer you a unique event. The architecture of the area combined with the magnificent locales, create the perfect image for a successful event. The long-standing experience in the organization area enables us to create and fulfill your dreams.

Destination Wedding Packages in Nafplio

A photo of Bourtzi, Nafplio, Greece

Nafplio is a magical place, with ancient, medieval and modern history written on its scenic alleys, with vivid influences from the native and the foreign cultures that stopped over by the ages to admire its utmost beauty! The old town of Nafplio is a destination not only for your wedding day. Nafplio is a place that you fell in love with every step you take in its historical streets, with every photo you take from its colorful buildings  and every moment when sun kisses you and sea breeze gives you some unforgettable chills!

Choose as your wedding destination in Greece the city of Nafplio, combine it with our wedding packages and the only thing to worry about will be the…weather! Our wedding planners can handle all the other minor or major details to organize for you a special wedding in Greece!

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Nafplio, Greece – A mythological trivia

According to Greek Mythology, in the town’s current location, Poseidon’s son Nafplios founded “Nafplia” which was later fortified with walls. Built on a small peninsula in the Argolic Gulf, Nafplio adorns with its unique beauty this piece of Argolis Regional Unit. Αfter the Revolution Period, Nafplio became the first capital of Greece until King Othon took over the governance of the country and Athens became the new capital.

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