Greek Wedding

“Nobility” and “magical landscapes” are some of the words that suit a town like Nafplio. Through its long history and its Venetian beauty, Nafplio is ready to welcome you and offer you a unique event. The architecture of the area combined with the magnificent locales, create the perfect image for a successful event. The long- standing experience in the organization area enables us to create and fulfill your dreams.

According to Greek Mythology, in the town’s current location, Poseidon’s son Nafplios founded “Nafplia” which was later fortified with walls.

Built on a small peninsula in the Argolic Gulf, Nafplio adorns with its unique beauty this piece of Argolis Regional Unit.

Αfter the Revolution Period, Nafplio became the first capital of Greece until King Othon took over the governance of the country and Athens became the new capital.