Do you want a successful bridal makeup? Read all the useful tips by a really experienced makeup artist in Nafplio…

Anna Emmanuel shares with us some simple secrets that all the future brides must be aware of in order to make this day special and highly successful.

1. It is important to ensure a trial at least 3 weeks before marriage. If you are going to use artificial tan, make the test trial before your makeup test so your makeup artist can see what colors match your tan.

2. Keep in mind what colors you will move into the wedding decoration, the wedding dress or whether it will be after wedding dress to match the makeup artist to the shades of makeup.

3. Focus on your eyes. Do not be afraid of the intense makeup in the eyes, as there is a tendency for makeup to “fade” in the photos. Also, the right bridal makeup has tranquillity in the rest of the person due to the ceremony, unlike other events that would be intense contouring and grooming.

4. Remember that bridal makeup must have enough color to compensate for the whiteness of the wedding dress. There is a big difference between everyday clothes and the wedding dress, so bridal makeup should be different from daily makeup. Start by making sure that your skin looks smooth and soft, then add color to your cheeks and lips and give them a glow.

5. If you use false eyelashes, try professional eyelashes. They give a more natural result without harming your own. They flatter and give volume adding a cute and feminine tone to the final result.

6. The most important pieces of the look are a natural effect on the skin, treated face in the eyebrows and lashes. If we have succeeded in doing so, as well as dropping the makeup during the reception, you will still look stunning.

7. Remember that the professional bridal makeup is not the same as the makeup you make in your everyday life or some other event. It has its own rules and needs specialized products.

8. The professional makeup will take your time and the 100% of your attention. Take care of all the details that will require your attention because once you get started it will be good to get up only when you’re done.

9. Most importantly, always trust a professional as large as is the cost. A professional makeup artist uses specialized products that do not exist in consumer stores. Also, they offer their experience that will you save valuable time, unnecessary expenses and, most importantly, will provide you with a sure result that will be imprinted on all digital media and you will have it in your memory for a long time. So this investment is worth it!

10. Your smile is the last secret to shining at the most beautiful day of your life. Trust all the details of your wedding to experienced professionals and everything will be perfect without stress and without doing you, just to enjoy this day.

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