Welcome to the fabulous journey of wedding planning with us. Weddings in Nafplio is an amazing experience that you have to enjoy.

Marriage is a ceremony which, in any form, aims to ally two people’s lives into one and combine their paths in life. Love is not a romantic fairytale but an award you attain through great effort, courage and strength.

All In On Wedding Packages In Nafplio, Greece

So, here is where we come, ready to hear the thoughts of every couple and with a lot of zest and professionalism we can lead them to the implementation of every dream.

We take over any kind of ceremony in Nafplio city:

  • Traditional Greek weddings in
  • Orthodox or Christian weddings in Nafplio
  • Civil weddings or Catholic weddings

Anything else the people who come and trust us to have in their mind. All these always according to their opinions and their personal desires. Our company will offer you the ‘know-how’ of a lifestyle event over anything else around tailored to your style and budget. With the obsession with the constant pursuit of the latest developments in event planning and the total event, our office creates the perfect conditions for a tailor-made event.

image of a bride in Nafplio, Greece

Weddings in Nafplio | www.weddingnafplio.com

Weddings in Nafplio | www.weddingnafplio.com

Weddings in Nafplio | www.weddingnafplio.com

Bronze Wedding Package Inspirations

This wedding package consists of the following services:

  • Organization of the wedding ceremony from the beginning to the end, starting with the type of ceremony you would like, by some of the most experience wedding planners in Greece
  • Selection of the venue for the wedding reception through a variety of incomparable suggestions in unique locations.
  • Selection of a Greek cuisine catering, promising to transform whatever upsets your palate to a unique tasty masterpiece.

Weddings in Nafplio | www.weddingnafplio.com

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