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If you are planning to get married and want to be sure that it’s everything you are dreamed of, Nafplio is one of the most amazing places to do so. Nafplio in the Peloponnese in Greece is filled with romantic castles, wonderful seaside villages, and beautiful beaches. The old town of Nafplio is world renowned as one of the top wedding destinations and offers one of the most romantic places in Greece. searched for you top 5 reasons to get married in Nafplio in Greece!

1. Beautiful Chapels and majestic Churches

In Nafplio and the wider area, there are beautiful, small chapels next to the sea, even on small rocky islands, where you can reach by boat. For those who love to enjoy the view of the lordy old town, the castles of Bourdzi & Palamidi and Acronafplia can choose the ideal chapels that offer this possibility. Nafplio also has majestic churches, such as the Metropolitan Church which is located in one of the picturesque cobbled streets of the old town, as well as temples in the harbor of Nafplio where Orthodox Mysteries could be held here. In the heart of the old city, just above Akronafplias castles, there is the Catholic Church which is in perfect condition. All the Catholic Mysteries could be held here.

2. Historic and Luxurious in the Old Town of Nafplio

With the famous fortresses of Bourtzi, Akronafplia and Palamidi and the neoclassical buildings in the background, the wide sidewalks, the large squares and the spectacular panoramic view of Nafplio and the sea, Nafplio is the ideal place to get married. Therefore, there are a lot of couples from Greece and abroad who decide to choose Nafplio for the most special day of their life.

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3. Ideal place for all seasons

Nafplio is an ideal place for all seasons and it is proved by the huge number of visitors all year around.  It’s really that Nafplio is beautiful all the months even in winter. Summer weddings in Nafplio have a more joyful and optimistic touch, while winter weddings are magic and luxurious. The old town in spring and autumn is the most favorite choice for a romantic wedding.

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4. Affordable solutions for the wedding reception

The 4th reason to choose Nafplio for your wedding day is the affordable solutions which you can find out about your wedding event, from church to reception and food. In collaboration with, which can cover every aspect of the event, without you having to search, especially when you have no free time and you are not from the region, you will have the wedding of your dreams. Navigate to our website and discover more information and plan for a successful wedding.

5. Wonderful Guesthouses and luxurious Hotels in Nafplio

In Nafplio there are romantic guest houses and luxurious hotels with all the modern comforts for an unforgettable accommodation for you and for your guests. The will help you to choose the most suitable accommodation in Nafplio, Tolo or in another place near the Nafplio.

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