The summer of 2018 is approaching and you have decided to come even close to the man you love and share your life with him. Wonderful. Your wedding in Nafplio is only a few months away and the preparations have begun with the first questions to make their appearance. “Which wedding theme and color scheme is right for me?” We, as Wedding Planner in Nafplio for many years, will help you choose the color of your summer wedding in Nafplio.

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If you want in your wedding to follow a more natural color palette choose the white and beige shades. The white color, as one of the favorite chic colors, will really inspire you for an elegant wedding decor. White or beige color can stand alone, but can also be combined with olive green or pale pink.


The pink in pale, blush or dusty shade is among the most popular color for romantic and vintage weddings. Its tonality has many facets and that’s why we would suggest choosing quiet shades in harmony with each other for a more beautiful and stylish effect. In order not to overdo it with the pink color, combine it with blue or gold, ivory, white and green of sage.


The green color in various shades of sage, emerald or pineapple is gaining more and more fans. Many professional wedding planners recommend it, provided it combines with the right colors. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose it, especially if your wedding concept is rustic in the countryside.

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary and love fresh color combinations, use the green emerald + pale peach, sage green + pale pink, pale green + yellow, green mint + coral and finally greenish + unsteamed.


The blue and its shades is a beautiful summer color that brings tonality and intensity while maintaining an unmistakable romance. It is considered ideal for a vintage wedding theme. The blue navy is uniquely combined with pale pink, burgundy or fuchsia, and a color that you probably did not know but you will love is the blue azure that matches perfectly with the lilac color.

Important Tip: Before you choose the color, we would advise you to avoid excesses while trying not to overdo it in many different colors. Also, there is no need for the color of the wedding to be everywhere, because, in the end, you will be bored to see it and get tired.

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