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April 2, 2018
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April 2, 2018

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If you want your summer wedding to be special and always unique, then the wedding with air from the Mediterranean is ideal for you.

Are you planning your wedding? Choose Nafplio and in collaboration with, make your dream of a summer wedding with elements from the Mediterranean.

Nafplio with Italian style and Mediterranean breeze blend perfectly with the concept you have chosen and can uniquely show your wedding.

Be inspired by the Mediterranean architecture and create wonderful patterns in the blue color of the sea in the details of your wedding.

Could you imagine a wonderful wedding banquet in a “Mediterranean” yard of a restored farmhouse?

Olive leaves, wildflowers, and Mediterranean herbs fit perfectly into your wedding theme. Give your guests a giveaway olive oil or Greek drink “Ouzo” along with traditional desserts.

Offer your guests at the entrance of the wedding reception, with green olives, red tom, toes and summer capra.

The menu of your buffet make sure to include dishes and flavors from the Greek Mediterranean Cuisine and do not miss the fish at the delicious dishes.

Serve fresh, handmade Greek ice cream and seasonal fruits such as watermelon with greek cheese, melon, figs and grapes.

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