Summer Wedding: 7 Reasons

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March 6, 2018
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April 2, 2018

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Summer Weddings always win the impression! Therefore the most couples choose this season to get married.

A summer wedding in Nafplio with a great planning by will charm you and all your guests and it will be truly unforgettable.

But why, choose summer wedding?

1. Hot summer nights are ideal for your wedding by choosing a beautiful summer destination by the sea, like Nafplion.

2. During the summer months, your guests can wear airy clothes in color that will make them and you feel beautiful.

3. For the summer ceremony, you can find a chapel in particular places and lovely open spaces with a swimming pool or a farm in nature for the reception.

4. For flowers – although they want special care because of heat – you will find many choices in both types and colors.

5. The choices in bridal, bridal accessories and makeup as well as in the groom’s dressing options are more, and all look more beautiful on your summer sun-tan skin.

6. The Wedding Party this season keeps up until the early morning hours with the liking of everyone being too much summertime thanks to the many musical choices that are available.

7. You can enjoy delicious summer dishes and drinks that will take off the wedding reception without having to spend a lot of money.

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