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March 5, 2018
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Peony Wedding Bouquet -

“The flowers” is the most beautiful of all the wedding details, which we really enjoy and we like very much. We love all kinds of flowers and we are happy to spend valuable time to choose with brides except the wedding theme and the flowers that will accompany it.

In this article, we present you wonderful bridal bouquets with peonies to be inspired and find this one that suits you best.

With wildflowers

Peony, one of the women’s favorite flowers, can decorate the bridal bouquet either alone or together with other flowers. The roses of the mountain symbolize love, they are in white, red, coral, pink or pale yellow in color and are beautifully combined with wildflowers, lavender, roses, eucalyptus or olive leaves.

We find them in the spring and summer, they are big in size and at the same time very elegant, especially romantic and suit with all kinds, from romantic to a vintage wedding …

White windflowers with peony and greenery

Colorful bridal bouquet with peony

Beautiful ranunculus instead of peony

If can’t choose peonies for your wedding, either because of cost or season, suggests bridal bouquets with flowers, such as Ranunculus and David Austin Roses, for an equally stunning result and approaching considerably with these two our favorite peonies.


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